Family Groups

The Vision of family groups is to be the church on a smaller scale.  We meet weekly in homes to worship, study the scripture, and pray together.

It is impossible to care for the needs of the congregation just by meeting as a large group on Sunday mornings.  Family groups allow us to care for each other in a much deeper capacity. God gives believers spiritual gifts to bless the church.  If the only time we meet is on Sundays, it doesn’t give an opportunity for most people to use their spiritual gifts. Family groups provide a space for people to use and grow in their spiritual gifts. Our goal is to see the entire church become more connected; that we would truly be a community and a family that loves Jesus and cares for each other.

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Signups for the 2019-2020 school year close September 1st.

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Please select which evenings you are available to be in a Family Group. We cannot guarantee there will be a group every night. For example, if we don’t have enough signups for Friday there will not be a Friday group. Please select ALL evenings you are available.
Would you be interested in joining a One Voice Family Group?
We have had several people ask us about creating combined family groups with Acts Church. If you would be interested in being part a One Voice Family Group please check the box below. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in a One Voice Group based on the number of people interested and your weeknight availability.


Why are they called family groups, are they for the whole family?

Family groups are for adults. Our vision is to be a spiritual family that cares for and encourages one another to follow Jesus.

Why should I join a family group?

It will bless your life and help your grow in your faith.  It will also help you become and stay connected to the church in a way that is not possible on Sunday mornings.

What does a typical night look like?

Each group meets in a home, usually eats, shares what’s going on in their lives, prays for each other, and/or discusses the message from Sunday.  We see this modeled for us in Acts 2:42.

Each group looks a little different.  What happens in each group will depend on who is part of the group, and what the needs of the group are.  For example, if there are musical people in your family group, you might spend time worshiping God through music.

Also, if there are specific struggles in a group, the group might skip the discussion on the message and just spend more time praying.

Who can join a family group?

Any adult who regularly attends The Tabernacle and has put their faith in Jesus can join a family group.

How often will groups meet, and how long will they last?

Family groups will meet once a week, on whichever evening you are assigned. There will be breaks for holidays and extenuating circumstances. They will last the school year and take a break over the summer.

Who decides who is in which group?

The pastoral staff will set the groups based on your availability and in the hopes to diversify personalities and spiritual gifts.

How many people are in a typical family group?

Each group consists of anywhere between 8 and 15 people.

 Is childcare provided?

Childcare will be taken care of on a group by group basis. For example, if there are a lot of children in a group, the people might pitch in a dollar or two a piece to get a sitter. Or people might watch children on a rotating schedule.  This is up to each family group.

What are the costs of family groups?

They are free (outside of food costs or childcare costs). We encourage all of our groups to eat together each time they meet. Most of the time this will be sharing dinner together. It is expected that each person contribute to the meal in some way, much like getting together with extended family over a holiday. Rotate bringing or preparing the main dish so that no one is overburdened every week. 

How do I sign up?

There are several ways to sign up:

  • Fill out the form above
  • Fill out a Connect Card and drop it in the offering on Sunday
  • Send us an email (
  • Talk to one of our pastoral staff