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Application must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to event for availability purposes and review by church staff.

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Regulations, Terms, and Policy
The following regulations cover the use of The Tabernacle facilities for outside group events. During the term of this Agreement, the Applicant shall use the facility for conducting a program of its own design and shall comply with all applicable municipal, state, & federal laws, codes, and regulations. All programs must be kept within the bounds of Christian decency and orderliness. The Applicant shall notify The Tabernacle of the nature of its program, and shall promptly supply The Tabernacle with information concerning the program upon request by the church. The Tabernacle prohibits unlawful possession and use of fireworks, firearms, ammunition, and explosives within its property grounds. The use of gasoline, flammables, and poisonous substances, other flammables, and hand and power tools are restricted. Prior expressed or written consent from The Tabernacle must be obtained. PROCEDURE a. Complete online application form b. Staff / Deacon Board will review applications and approve/deny request. c. If approved, you will be given a link to pay the event fee online, or you may submit a check made payable to the Tabernacle. Application is not complete until payment is received. COST a. Cost for facility use is as defined on the application form. b. Breakage and Damage – The applicant agrees to pay The Tabernacle the amount reasonably necessary to repair or replace property or equipment damaged, defaced, or destroyed during the Applicant Group’s use. c. Payment Terms – The Applicant agrees to deliver payment in full either online or via check to the Tabernacle Office (7951 36th Ave). d. $50 Deposit - A $50 deposit will be added to the event cost at time of reservation. The deposit will be kept to insure facility is left in a clean and good condition. After the event a church representative will do an inspection. If the area used passes inspection, the $50 deposit will be refunded. If the area does not pass inspection, the $50 will not be refunded and the applicant may be billed an extra amount to cover the expense in fixing/cleaning the room(s). GENERAL RULES a. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, use of profane language, explicit indecent video/music/ or any other forms of entertainment, and abuse of drugs are forbidden on the premises. b. All groups are guests of the church. The entrance to fellowship hall and handicap accessible equipment must be made available for public use. Cooperation of all applicants is appreciated and necessary. c. Trash shall be placed in the available containers and properly disposed to the dumpster behind the building at the end of the event by the Applicant. d. All utensil and equipment in the kitchen must be properly cleaned, sanitized, and stored at the end of the event. e. Any cost associated with removal of balloons from ceiling and fans will be forwarded to the applicant. f. Wedding reception catering services are the responsibility of the applicant and family. All catering cleanup is the responsibility of the applicant. g. The premises must be vacated by 9 PM unless specifically approved. h. Applicant shall contact The Tabernacle to discuss table, chair arrangements, and any other needs for the event (use of sound system, bridal tables, place settings, kitchen use, etc.) at least one week in advance of the scheduled event. i. The church reserves the right to deny/restrict use and/or users for any reason. j. Groups are requested to not park in areas designated for Library Terrace. k. Use of Kitchen does not include dishware (cups, plates, etc.) or utensils (forks, knives, spoons, etc.). Applicant must supply own dishware and utensils as required. Responsible adults may use Kitchen appliances (including coffee pots) as appropriate. l. Use will be subject to availability. m. The Tabernacle will not be held responsible for any loss or damages, direct or indirect, for failure or inability to provide the facilities or services. No representation or warranty is made regarding heating, air conditioning, fans, use of water, use of electricity, etc. n. The Tabernacle does not provide medical supervision, treatment, maintenance, or dispensing of medications. These responsibilities belong to the Applicant. o. The Applicant’s contact person shall have available a current list of participants that includes: names and addresses, emergency contact information, and known allergies or health conditions. Also, for each participant under the age of 18 not accompanied by their parent or guardian, a signed form granting permission to seek emergency treatment is required. p. The Applicant must have one adult (over 21) to a maximum of 8 youth (under 18) for proper supervision. q. Emergency transportation is available through local emergency response groups by dialing 911. The Applicant agrees to furnish non-emergency medical transportation. All 911 calls must be reported to The Tabernacle Office/representative immediately or within a reasonable time. r. The Church does not take responsibility for the use or condition of personal sports equipment brought on the premises or the well-being of members of the user group using said equipment. LIABILITY FOR INJURY TO PERSONS OR PROPERTY a. Applicant understands that the facility may become unavailable should a church crisis, such as a funeral or family grief luncheon, arise. Regardless of the planned event, a funeral takes precedence over all scheduled or unscheduled activities (except wedding ceremonies/receptions). In such cases an alternate date will be negotiated. b. The Applicant agrees to supervise and to assume full control and responsibility for any persons, entities or things other than The Tabernacle personnel or property who/which are, for any reason, on the facility by reason of the Applicants program or use of the facility. c. The Applicant agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Tabernacle and its past, present and future members, directors, officers, employees, agents, and independent contractors and their successors, assigns and heirs from and against any harm and/or claim made by any third party arising and out of in any way connected with the Applicants actions and/or failure(s) to act in respect of its use of the facility. d. For the purpose of this section, “any person” includes, but is not limited to, Applicants agents and employees, participants in the Applicants program and visitors. e. Applicant must provide proper proof of insurance prior to rental. MISCELLANEOUS a. The Applicant warrants that the person signing the Agreement has the authority to execute the Agreement on its behalf. b. This Agreement may be altered or amended only by written agreement of both parties. c. The Tabernacle reserves the right to require that the Applicant remove from the facility any persons in, or in any way connected with, Applicant’s group who, in the sole opinion of the church, are creating a disturbance or who are otherwise disrupting activities on said facility. The Applicant agrees to permit only authorized persons to enter the facility and shall take all necessary steps to remove unauthorized persons from said facility. d. The Applicant agrees that the total number of participants on the premises will not exceed the facility building maximum capacity at any time in accordance with local ordinances. TERMINATION a. Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement may result in the termination of this agreement. b. The Tabernacle may terminate this agreement without any liability upon ten (10) days prior written notice to the Applicant either 1) without cause or 2) upon a determination by the church, in its sole and exclusive judgment, that the requirements of the State Fire Marshal, the Department of Public Health and Safety or any statute, rule or regulation of any federal, state, or local body, imposes undue requirements or hardship on the church.
I have read and agree to the above regulations, terms, and policies. *
By signing this Application, the Applicant intends to be legally bound by the Regulations, Terms, and Policy above. Further, the Applicant hereby releases The Tabernacle, its agents, servants and employees and assumes all risks, liability and responsibility for any injury or damage to any person or property. Applicant acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Regulations, Terms and Policy.