Our Values


Our values bring clarity to the things that matter most at The Tabernacle. They guide how we achieve our mission, influencing major leadership decisions as well as everyday ministry plans. They even help us navigate staffing and budget issues. In short, they keep us focused on the unique call God has given us as a local church.

Worship: Bless God and enjoy his presence

The goal of our worship is to bless God by praising him for who he is and expressing our love to him. As we draw near to God, he draws near to us. We believe that God is blessed when we enjoy his presence in worship.

Gospelize: Share your story

To gospelize is to know the gospel and to make sharing it our way of life. We don’t have to “arrive” in the faith before we can share the hope found in Christ. The greatest act of love we can do for someone is sharing that story.

Spirit Led: Seek God’s will and direction

As followers of Christ, we rely on the Holy Spirit for direction in every aspect of our lives. The Holy Spirit is active today, he speaks to us, and he uses us to accomplish the mission of God.  

Equipping: Train people for ministry

Our goal is to equip every believer to do God’s work and build up the church. We help people discover and use their spiritual gifts, we train them for ministry, and we help them mature in their faith.

Unity: Join together with gospel-centered churches

God is pleased when His Church comes together in unity. We are more effective when we work together for the Kingdom of God. Our unity is with churches who affirm the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We may differ on the finer points of theology, but we agree that Jesus is Lord and that He is the only hope for the world.

Relaxed: A place to call home

We want you to feel welcome and at home. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and are able to have a laugh when we are together. More than just showing up on Sunday morning, our church is about being a part of a family. We care for one another, weep and laugh together, and encourage one another in our faith.

Generosity: Give without expecting something in return 

We are called to be a church that gives our time, money, and energy to further God’s kingdom. We give cheerfully and with a generous heart, not reluctantly or out of pressure. Giving is about stepping out in faith, trusting God and, making a sacrifice to bless others.